Portrait of Robert


The portrait of my father combined his two loves: collecting and printing. In the background in blue, are the ancient glasses he collected and had in a picture window showcase in our family house in Valhalla, NY. The glass collection gave him great joy and many hours of research and study. When a glass broke, he spent hours pasting it together and much of his collection came from an auction where he bought a lot that contained boxes of ancient glass that had been dropped by accident. The box contained perhaps dozens of glasses that formed the core of his collection. He was very proud that he could bring the shattered glasses back to life.

The painting shows him as he sits in front of the collection, clasping his hands in his inimitable way and wearing his favorite blue sweater. His earnest look was his way of showing interest in so many different aspects of life and art. Floating across the bottom of the portrait are examples of the work he did in Vienna at his hand press print shop: a book on poetry, a poster design for a memorial exhibition of Egon Schiele, a roll book printed from wood blocks on mulberry paper. This portrait is of my father as an artist and an enjoyer of collected treasures.

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